Client Stories

Ottawa Fitness Trainer

Lynda has a way of getting to the core of helping you to articulate the issue you want to work on. She sees the big picture but helps you to understand the solutions in manageable pieces. It was a gift to receive this clarity and once I implemented some of the manageable solutions, I found my old patterns had changed into new and more effective patterns.  Thanks you, Lynda! Mara O’Brien, VP

Lynda was my mentor coach during the all-inclusive coach training program at Concordia University.  If you’re looking for a whole life coach who is responsive, flexible, gentle and direct, Lynda is this.  She understands leadership, adult learning, emotions and empowers you to be your best self.  Lynda immediately created a safe place for real, difficult and sensitive conversations with me.  Was it easy, no.  Was it hugely beneficial – yes.  Highly recommended for both mentor coaching and coaching.   R. Potts Certified Coach.

I came to Lynda with a tangled set of barriers and frustrations in a range of areas including health and fitness, interpersonal relations and management style.  Lynda quickly came to understand what works for me, tailoring her approach to accommodate my needs, and capitalizing on my own motivations and learning style.  With Lynda’s help, I am developing greater self-awareness, have internalized some positive new strategies and behaviours, and am making significant, sustained changes in my fitness and my work life. Lynda’s approach is flexible, responsive, and practical, and underpinned with genuine respect and warmth.  Natalie Bull, Executive Director

Lynda’s executive coaching program highlighting a calming, evocative and insightful approach to leadership takes the participant on a deep reflective journey into an individual’s career path and provides valuable tools and guidance to clarify how to create lasting value as a leader to your team and yourself.  C. Duff, Executive Director

When searching for a coach, Lynda came highly recommended to me, and now I know why!  I am an accountant, not used to thinking strategically.  Simply put, I love numbers.  I sought out Lynda’s expertise to help me in my quest to become an executive in the federal government.  If it wasn’t for Lynda, I would not have attained by goal.  Lynda literally taught me how to “think outside the box”, how to realize my potential.  I knew nothing of the requirements of the government executive staffing process.  With Lynda’s encouragement and support, I was able to understand and ultimately fully demonstrate the leadership skills, abilities, and behaviours expected of a Director.  Invaluable! Cynthia Cantlie, Director

Lynda, thank you for a very successful coaching program. I appreciated the systematic approach that you applied to my coaching topic. The exercises you had me practice and the concrete tools you provided have positively impacted my way of being, both at work and at home. I appreciated your experience and style of coaching as well as your ability to be flexible in different aspects of the coaching program. This flexibility allowed me to have greater success in the application of new tools and practices in the context of my reality. I’m happy to report that I have continued to practice the news skills that I acquired under your coaching. Through your coaching, I have made a sustainable shift in how I interact and react to the environment around me. I absolutely recommend your effective and empathetic coaching approach. Samantha, Director

I needed to renew my coaching credential and was in a place of resistance around doing so.  Lynda’s calm and supportive approach helped to move me past that resistance and allowed me to broaden my understanding of what was required.  Our time together led to new awareness and some significant changes in my own practice.  Lynda uses somatics masterfully in her practice and that experience has allowed me to include this to my practice with more confidence.  Working with Lynda was a true pleasure.  Lois MacNaughton, Integral Master Coach, ACC

Lynda is a fantastic coach and our work together has brought me a new lease on life. Lynda is a great listener and knows how to ask questions to help you examine your assumptions and the patterns in your life that are no longer serving you well. She helps you distil your life goals to its very essence, and then she designs tools, exercises, and practices that allow you to meet your goals. Not only does she do that with seemingly little effort, but your interactions with her and exercises will stay with you for years. If you are willing, Lynda will help you face your fears, learn from them, and be released. She is still MY coach and I still hear her words frequently, though we haven’t spoken for several years. Marc Lange, Director

I feel incredibly fortunate to have Lynda as my coach. She is an extraordinary, experienced companion/guide on this journey. She is a truly holistic coach who incorporates all levels (body/mind/spirit) into her practice and has helped me to become more effective in dealing with issues and challenges ranging from the pragmatic through to the existential. She is not just a coach but is authentic to her practice and inspires by walking what she talks.  Brian Redmond, Manager

Thank you Lynda for a very successful coaching program! I really feel you’ve provided me with the tools and techniques I needed to enhance my influence and effectiveness with my employees, colleagues and superior. The changes in my attitude are remarkable. Through effective coaching practices I was able to gain back my motivation by focusing my energy on the positive and direct influence I can have delivering on my mandate. Thank you very much for helping me become the wise leader I aspire to be. Nathalie, Executive Director

Lynda’s professional, honest and practical approach to problem solving helped me identify underlying causes to workplace challenges within a short period of time. Her exceptional coaching skills helped me learn different approaches to dealing with these challenges while increasing my confidence, improving my leadership skills and sharpening my focus at work. As a result, I have experienced greater work-life balance and a renewed interest in my work. I strongly recommend her insightful and effective coaching.  S. V-B, Manager

My coaching sessions with Lynda were extremely valuable in developing my self-awareness and providing tools that support my development in a way that meaningfully aligns my personal and professional paths. I’m very grateful for the wise and insightful guidance that she was able to provide and appreciated her whole person approach. T. Stratton, Manager

My time working with you did and continues to have a lasting impact on how I live and work.  While I could certainly use a refresh on some of the skills, the structure and content of the very personalized coaching program you led me through has caused enduring, positive change to how I approach leadership both at work and in the community.  I am appreciative and grateful for the time and effort you spent with me.  Thank you. Steve Yankowich, Manager

What a wonderfully freeing feeling to know that any stresses and questions you have about your life can be so easily and practically addressed and you will be well supported through the process. I love how action oriented and empowering life coaching with is. Lynda’s life coaching is an investment in myself. Thank you Lynda for all that you have given me! Krystal T.

Lynda was extremely effective in identifying, understanding and developing a customized program to meet my needs. Her approach allowed me to see the benefits of her coaching within a short period of time while providing me excellent tools and skills for the long term. S. V-B, Manager

Lynda coached me through a period of significant change at my place of work.  I didn’t know what to expect when we started out as I had never worked with a coach before; but, I was not disappointed.  Her ability to listen with compassion and hear beyond my words allowed me to come away feeling more solid about my place in the changes at work.  At times I felt like I was drowning and Lynda was my life preserver. KC

Health coach

Lynda opened my eyes, my heart and my mind to the possibilities of being fully me. Lynda’s coaching was timely and her success with me was grounded in her ability to listen and to synthesize what she heard in a way that shifted me out of a place of feeling stuck. She helped me see the path that was available to me and offered me a picture to help me move forward. I have moved, written a book, and taken several risks since I first met Lynda. The picture she offered me is something I continue to carry with me as a reminder to celebrate the journey that is my life. BP

Good morning Lynda, This morning I was re-reading a coaching practice which you sent me when you were coaching me. Almost by accident I stumbled on the footnote on the practice document. Wow. Clearly I need to pay more attention to footnotes (which I have now transcribed into my journal :))  I just wanted to say thanks. I am grateful for you 🙂 BR

When I first met Lynda I wasn’t in shape at all. At that time I was about to embark in a life changing journey.  To get there I needed a personal coach, one who could understand my needs and provide me with the guidance that suited who I was at the time and who I wanted to be. Lynda worked on the gap with me. I am grateful to her for providing me with a personal training program that allowed me to re-enter my body, which in turn supported me in the journey I was in. I was in good caring hands with Lynda. In my case, change started with my body.  Thank you Lynda! Jean Carignan