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Yoga and meditationLynda believes that each person is whole and complete even as the desire for change is present. Her purpose is to remove the barriers to your own believe in your infinite potential.

Lynda specializes in working with people who are stressed or who may suffer from anxiety, depression or the effects of trauma.

Lynda’s approach to Yoga is based on two key cornerstones of invitation and inquiry.  By offering choice and encouraging curiosity, she will guide you to connect with your body in the present moment, thus empowering you on and off the mat.

iRest® (Integrative Restoration) is a profoundly transformative guided meditation practice that leads to lasting psychological, physical and spiritual healing by releasing long-held self-destructive patterns.  While the iRest protocol was developed specifically to serve trauma survivors in the military, it is applicable to anyone seeking restoration and awakening.

Empowering Yoga™ & Meditation includes a variety of classes designed for specific needs.  You can find the details of Lynda’s classes under Class Descriptions.  Featured programs include:

  • Yoga for every body – novice to expert
  • Trauma-sensitive Yoga for Soldiers, Veterans, and First Responders
  • Trauma-sensitive Yoga for stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD
  • Yoga for therapists, care givers, and family members
  • Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga for chronic conditions, illness, injury or surgery
  • iRest Guided Meditation for PTSD and overall well-being and awakening
  • Mindfulness Meditation to support your personal meditation practice.

Lynda is a professional level registered Kripalu yoga teacher (RYT 500).  She is also a certified to teach Yin Yoga and Therapeutic/ Restorative Yoga.  She has over 1600 hours of teaching experience.

Lynda is a Certified Warriors at Ease Yoga and Meditation Teacher.  The Warriors at Ease program is designed specifically for military, veterans and first responders.  Lynda’s interest in serving people who work in high stress environments or who have suffered trauma led her to more advanced trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training with the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute in Boston.  She is the first to bring this approach to yoga to Ottawa and is offering the programs featured above.

Lynda is a Certified iRest® Teacher.  She is a meditation practitioner and has also studied other styles of meditation, including mindfulness.

Lynda limits the size of her classes so that she can attend to each person’s unique needs.  All classes are by pre-registration only.

Please contact Lynda for more information and to register for a class.  All inquiries are confidential.



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