Client Stories


I get great benefit from the yoga sessions. Not sure how to put it in words  but just overall feeling increasingly more grounded after each session. A  general feeling of actual empowerment from gaining some control back  over my ability to let go…if that makes any sense. Guylaine M.

For me it is giving space.  Space for 1 hour.  I have no flashback.  Peace, peace inside my body. LL

This class has helped me to reduce my stress, tension and anxiety in a very therapeutic, challenging and enjoyable environment.  This type of class is a must for helping counter operational and post traumatic stress.  I was truly amazed at the change it has already instilled in me in a very short time.  Lynda is ahead of her time in this area and has a very good understanding of the wear and tear on the body from police and military work (physical and mental) as well as providing a very relaxing but challenging session.  I have never felt better after exercising.  DBF

I have spent some time with your iRest CD and it is wonderful. I have lots of other Yoga Nidra type CDs and experiences but you have nailed it. Jennifer Whitfield

I just wanted to touch base following my very first yoga class. I was quite surprised that I was able to keep up with you last night. But the credit goes to you! You were very clear with your guidance on the moves. I am delighted to be in one of your courses. K. Bonner

We are grateful for the work of Lynda Pedley in filling an important gap in trauma-related services – the need to address the physical consequences of psychological trauma. The Ottawa Anxiety and Trauma Clinic (OATC) is pleased to be able to host Lynda’s trauma sensitive yoga program, as we believe it is an important compliment to the mental health services that we provide. OATC Team.

Thanks for many wonderful years of yoga, I will miss our weekly community practice and your warm leadership. Louise Y.

Thanks Lynda for the Sun Salutation handout. I will do this as the yoga has really given me peace back. Look forward to seeing you this fall. R.D.

I suffer from fibromyalgia and can have periods of ongoing chronic pain.  Lynda introduced me to the iRest program and when I was going through a particularly painful period I decided to try to use the program to see if the technique could help reduce the pain.  I practiced every day with Richard Miller’s CD and I did start feeling better.  With daily practice I was able to keep the pain to a tolerable level with little or no medication.  I continue to practice regularly and have times when I am pain free. Roxana MacDonald.

I listened for the first time this morning to your iRest 30 min. recording.  Your voice is calming.   It gave me more a sense of grounding. R.P.

Sadly, I won’t be able to attend these evening’s final yoga class. My best wishes to everyone for a wonderful summer and my sincere thanks to you for an amazing experience. Count me in for September! K.M.

I really enjoyed that long awaited Yin Class. I have begun to understand what my body is expected to do in those prolonged poses. I have improved in my yoga as well. As I mentioned I can hold a downward dog longer and my feet touch. And my knee does not hurt me any more when I do a child’s pose. That is thanks to you and how you have educated me over the years to doing my yoga practice with great instruction and allowing me to experiment with myself. Thank you. No doubt, the extra yoga has also contributed. JYJancar

My yoga practice with Lynda.
Being guided by Lynda’s clear and soothing voice
Being gently touched by Lynda’s soft hand
Being shown gracefully by Lynda’s body
Is helping me heal from a deep pain!
I love my yoga practice with Lynda
I rarely miss it; and I make it my daily activity!
I am so much more grounded and strong!
Thank you so much Lynda
Catherine Pagot-Reynolds

Lynda’s Yoga Studio is located in her home. As soon as you walk through the door, you feel welcomed and like a family.  Lynda is such a patient listener and supportive coach. She works with you through your emotional sensations (heart, mind, and soul), as well as your body’s needs. She is vigilant and provides a high level of care. She knows yoga is non-competitive and non-judgemental – she fosters connections with other participants – while remaining focused, you also have fun with others. After her class, you feel totally comfortable. The way Lynda personalises shavasana is lovely!! Always, I thank you so much. Francoise Nguele

I cannot believe how much better I feel – the Yoga is allowing me so much more movement – without pain. Pam S-H.

Last year I had the good fortune to be introduced to Lynda Pedley, just as I was toying with starting yoga.  Having had chronic back and joint issues, I knew yoga might be good for me, but was worried about having to do things that might aggravate the problem.  Not so with Lynda!  She has been fantastic; her approach is always gentle and understanding, and her classes are welcoming and comfortable.  Lynda helps and encourages us to adapt the postures to suit our particular needs, and her knowledge of body mechanics is very reassuring.  Thanks to Lynda, my body feels better and I’m hooked on yoga! Jennifer Radley

Thank you Lynda. My body is feeling stronger and taller today following your yoga class yesterday! You have inspired me to return to my daily yoga practices. My colleagues are also still feeling the positive effects of yesterday’s class! Namaste. Frances

Yoga with you has been exceptional. K McG.

I just wanted to thank you again for that wonderful class on Tuesday.  The class was beautifully designed and I really felt great afterwards. Roxana M.

Thanks so much, Lynda, yesterday’s session together with today’s restorative yoga have made all the difference to me this week. I am feeling so much better. Many, many thanks, Valerie

I must say that this information about the I chakras is most interesting. I like the integration of both the practice and the knowledge: “mind and body” so to speak. Thanks for taking the time to do this and teaching us about yoga.  I find this whole journey most interesting and enlightening. Linda

I wanted to tell you about my experience at class last night .  Even though I found it challenging from a strength and a shoulder/back/knee point of view, I found I was “Just There”. Taking it moment by moment, second by second.  And the shavasana experience was one of profound relaxation.  I cherish your classes as a place of refuge and growth. Thank you Lynda. Carolyn

Thank you for your wonderful instruction.  I appreciate you being my yoga teacher! JJ

Thought you’d like to know that I was feeling stiff last night so I did the Moon Salutation and some stretching poses – it loosened me up wonderfully!  Thank you for all your teaching and encouragement. Jennifer

I really enjoyed the class and am also looking forward to the coming weeks.  I find that, with almost every yoga class I take, I am introduced either to a new pose or to a new thought.  Last night was no exception.  Thank you for that. Catherine PR

I really enjoyed your class and I found you to be incredibly welcoming, comfortable, warm, and gentle.  It was a wonderful first experience with yoga.  Jennifer R.

I’m really enjoying yoga, you are a wonderful teacher. LM