Coaching Practices

Personal coaching Lynda’s “whole life coaching” is based on an integral perspective that will harness your unlimited potential. She attends to all of you: mind, body, heart and spirit. With this in mind, Lynda has selected four of her favourite practices for you to try out.  A practice is most effective when used regularly until such time as it is no longer a “practice” since it has become a part of your way of being in life.  Lynda’s desire is that these practices will help you “be the change you seek”.

Mind: Aligning Behaviours with Consciousness
Body: Whole Person Centering
Heart: Compassion
Spirit: My Search for Meaning


Yoga Practices

Empowering Yoga is designed for every body, novice to expert, including trauma survivors.  With this in mind, Lynda has selected some yoga practices you can do at home.  The Sun Salutation is a classic flow of 12 yoga poses connected by breath.  The Moon Salutation was developed to balance the Sun Salutation.   If you are recovering from injury or illness or have a chronic condition, Lynda has also included a Restorative Yoga practice that is deeply nurturing.  There is also a practice you can do in a chair in an office or elsewhere and a practice designed specifically to build core stability.  Do these practices to stretch, strengthen and balance your body and mind and connect with your true nature.

Sun Salutation
Moon Salutation
Restorative Yoga
Office Yoga Break

 Yoga studio

Meditation Practice

Here is an audio recording of a  5 minute guided meditation to build resilience.  Resilience is that inner strength to face, recover from and even grow stronger through adversity.  It’s an amazing power that each of us has.  Please use this recording as often as you like.

Guided Meditation for Resilience


Strength Training/Cardio Practice

You don’t really need any equipment to do a full body strength training workout.  All you need is your body and the drive to get started.  Once you feel the benefits, you’ll want more.  The workout that Lynda has selected will also work your cardiovascular system if you keep the pace up.  Keep your attention on the experiences in your body with each exercise, practicing a “mindful” approach to strength training.  The quality of your workout is always more important that the quantity in building whole person resilience. Have fun with  this!

Body Weight Strength Training


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