Personal Training

Fitness Training

Physical activity is an important part of your healthy lifestyle. Whether you are just thinking about improving your overall health and fitness, are moderately active, or are already exercising, Lynda, your Personal Trainer and Body Coach can play a major role in the your success.

A personal training program can put you on the road to improved overall health, fitness and well-being and help you to…

  • Look, feel and perform better
  • Have more energy, strength, stamina and resilience
  • Relax more and sleep more soundly
  • Enjoy your food and maintain a healthy weight
  • Have more confidence and feel better about yourself
  • Strengthen your heart and lungs and improve circulation
  • Help control blood pressure
  • Ease stress, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Help protect against Type 2 diabetes
  • Help maintain balance, coordination and agility
  • Help reduce blood fat and cholesterol
  • Keep muscles supple and strong, and joints mobile
  • Strengthen the bones, offering some protection against osteoporosis
  • Help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Lynda will understand your unique fitness and lifestyle goals and help you achieve them. She will show you how to safely start and maintain an exercise regime, be a source of motivation and encouragement and help you choose exercises you will enjoy and which will fit your busy schedule.  You receive individualized attention without the interruptions or distractions of a gym or fitness club. Workouts in Lynda’s studio allow you to challenge yourself with different exercises you can’t do at home.  Lynda will also design a Personal Training Program, addressing strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance for you to use in the privacy of your home with a minimum of equipment.

Personal TrainerOne-hour personal training sessions are booked weekly. Coaching on specific aspects of health and fitness, such as weight or stress management, can be included in your appointments.

To obtain an objective benchmark of your current fitness level, you may wish to begin with a Personal Fitness Appraisal. Lynda uses this process to carefully assess your overall condition and create a program that leverages your strengths to move forward to achieve your goals.

Contact Lynda for more information and to make an appointment.

The forms below are used to get started in a Personal Training Program; once you have an appointment with Lynda, please follow the instructions below.

Please complete these forms and return them by email 3 days prior to your first appointment:

Please print and complete these forms and bring them to your first appointment:

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