Client Stories

I have been working with Lynda for the last two years.  As a cancer survivor with special needs, she is very supportive and curious, going to great lengths to develop a complete mind-body program (cardio/yoga/weight training) that is perfect for me.  Today, I am in better health than I have ever been:  I ran my first 10 kms last month and placed in the top 10% for my gender and age group; I have discovered the physical value and spiritual awakening that comes with the yoga; the weight program has left me stronger and a LOT more toned!  Friends ask me ‘isn’t a personal coach expensive?’  I say: ‘No – and it’s a lot cheaper than the gym membership you never use.’  All I need with Lynda’s program is a stability ball, some free weights, and running shoes . Lynda’s the best ‘investment’ I made for myself in years (and it is an investment – not an ‘expense’.)  NEB

Thanks to Lynda’s coaching and personal training, I have been practicing Focused Intensity Training to boost my energy and strengthen my body for over two years.  I have had numerous sessions with personal trainers through my gym memberships and have never had a personal trainer create a more effective program to meet my goals. If you are looking for long-term, sustainable results from your coaching/training practices, I highly recommend Lynda. Frances N.

I had had personal trainers and weight instructors before, but Lynda was the first person who really listened to my needs and designed a program that fit into my life and lifestyle.  Lynda offers a unique combination of features: she helped me clarify my goals and develop steps to reach them. Then she offered the encouragement I needed to keep going. Marguerite M

003aToday, I discovered what it was about our working together that really makes a difference in my life: you taught me to know myself and listen to my needs better.  Let me explain…After my very productive work day, I took to the street for my Friday run  I usually run to music so I took my ipod along.  But after a few minutes, it stopped working and I couldn’t get it started again.  So, I did without it.  What I found was that instead of trying to keep up to the beat of a song, I listened to my body and my internal rhythm.  I started slow and, very naturally, my pace just seemed to speed up along with my energy when I was ready to. I ran the 5 kms without stopping, at a good pace, and didn’t feel wiped at the end of it.  When I got home, I had a couple of areas of tightness and I seemed to know instinctively what stretches/yoga poses to go into and just followed my body through them.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and share my day with you.  I feel so great!  NB

J’ai été enchantée de te connaître. J’ai apprécié ta gentillesse, ta grande compétence et ton ouverture.  Tu m’as beaucoup apporté. Une des choses que j’ai découvertes c’est qu’il est possible de créer une détente dans l’exercice. Tu m’as aussi ouvert le chemin intérieur de la motivation qui large et vaste et qui n’a rien du repli narcissique.  Merci pour tout! Je vais précieusement préserver ces apprentissages dans le mouvement. JD

I came to Lynda with the objective of getting in shape to do a sea-kayaking trip of 135km in Turkey for my 60th birthday. Although I am an active person, I do not regularly “work out”. I asked Lynda to prepare a home program for me with the only equipment being my yoga mat, exercise ball and a set of weights. She coached me in 10 private sessions and I followed her program for 3 months before my departure. Because of her, my sea-kayaking trip was a tremendous success. I felt totally fit and was able to complete the kayaking trip with no sore muscles! Lynda has a wide knowledge about fitness and with her coaching skills provides an environment where I felt confident I could achieve my objectives. Thank you, Lynda, for your gift for my 60th birthday. Patricia Deguise

Lynda was my body coach from November 2005 to June 2006. She designed for me a regimen of aerobic exercise (running, walking) and free weights, as well as stretching and flexibility exercises.  Working with Lynda was life-changing.  With the program she developed for me, I was able to become far more present in my body and feel and express my emotions. I was able to be with, process, and release, an enormous amount of emotion pain that I had left buried for decades. I developed a strong, flexible body that can handle far more than I ever thought possible.  Lynda is a strong, present and very gentle trainer, and at the same time knows how to point out where you need work and to motivate you! The combination of her deep knowledge of the body and her training as an Integral Coach™ create in her a powerful combination. She has an understanding of both the human psyche and its resistance to change and of the human body and its workings. Christine Schaefer

Lynda opened up a whole new world for me. She did a complete assessment of my body and then developed a straight forward, do-able program of strength training including weight lifting. In a few short weeks I started seeing results in my arms and shoulders. I definitely looked better and having a stronger upper body gave me more energy and confidence. For someone who has never liked doing exercise this is nothing short of a miracle.  Judy Size-Cazabon

Ce que j’apprécie chez Lynda, c’est sa capacité d’écoute. Elle peut ajuster le programme à mes besoins. Son accompagnement m’a appris à conjuger effort, respiration, et concentration sur les muscles à travailler. Je vois mon programme comme un exercise de méditation. Benoît Cazabon

Lynda provided me with a comprehensive and practical assessment of my current physical condition. She provided guidance in helping me to develop a physical fitness regimen that works for me. Lynda has been an important motivator and educator for me in this area of my life. Her tools also provide a benchmark with which I can measure my development over time. The service that she provides is important and is good for people of all ages and at any level of fitness. Lynda has helped me to take responsibility for my own well-being. I enthusiastically recommend her services.  Gordon W. MacKay

Lynda is a skilled and caring coach with a passion for attending to the growth of individuals. More specifically, she has the particular training, experience and hands-on skills to guide you to a greater awareness of your physical body in all its unique, healthy and not-so-healthy aspects. In developing your commitment to strengthening your body so that it supports you in all that you are and wish to be, Lynda is able to open possibilities for you to make the important changes that you desire in your work and life. She is gentle yet firm, light-hearted and compassionate, skilled, knowledgeable and deeply committed to working with all of who you are – body, heart, mind and soul. As a fellow Integral Coach™, I readily recommend Lynda’s Body Coach diagnostic and program development services to my clients, confident that they will discover the potential and power of their bodies to truly support them in their lives. Mary Glen

I had promised a school friend (from public school – a long, long time ago) a visit up in the Peace River country one summer and meant to keep my promise.  While up there my wife and I decided to do some wilderness paddling, which soon became a 150 mile jaunt down the Thelon River in the Northwest Territories. At 70, I wasn’t sure I could keep up to the daily grind of even 15 miles a day, plus the wind, the bugs and all the camp chores.  But Lynda came through for us: she set up upper-body exercise routines for us.  We started in the winter and kept up through spring and early summer, and we did the trip. We were still pretty tired each day but without Lynda’s program we would have missed our “pick-up” for sure and have had to be rescued.  As it was we arrived at the finish a day before our “pick-up” plane arrived – – – thanks to Lynda.  Peter Teichroeb and Helene Beauchemin