Fitness programs

Workshops and Retreats are tailored to meet your needs. These are a cost-effective, energizing and rejuvenating way to experience and learn in a supportive and interactive environment.

Any topic related to leadership development, and organizational or individual resilience and well-being can form the basis for a workshop or retreat. Some examples of past workshops and retreats include:

  • Leadership competency development
  • Managing personal energy for professional success
  • The healing Power of the mind/body connection
  • Preventing burn-out, compassion fatigue and vicarious traumatization
  • Leading Peer Coaching Groups
  • Retirement and succession planning
  • Organizational health and team building
  • Work/life balance and stress management
  • Active living, nutrition and weight management
  • Health and fitness for seniors…or anyone
  • Almost any topic of your choice!

Our Balancing on the Waves retreat for helping professionals working with trauma is offered twice a year. This retreat can also be tailored for your team or organization.

Workshops and retreats can be used to impart information and resources in a collaborative environment that encourages dialogue. They can also be dynamic and interactive, involving demonstration, reflection and participation.

As a  part of a workshop, or as an alternative to it,  Lynda can facilitate group conversations using leading edge facilitation techniques that leverage the collective wisdom of all participants, enable possibilities to emerge and concrete actions to take place.

Corporate Yoga & Guided Meditation Programs are also available and will be customized to your unique needs.  These are a great way to value people, reduce stress, build resilience and improve inter-personal relationships and productivity.

Contact Lynda to organize a workshop or to attend a retreat.