Client Stories

Lynda is a very enlightening coach.  In this workshop, she gave me more insight into what I am looking forward into the future.

This was a rich experiential retreat. I would highly recommend it to anyone who serves others and needs some tender attention to reduce secondary traumatization and burn out.

Lynda is passionate about her work and loves to share her experience in a sincere and honest way.

Our team of Mental Health professionals attended Lynda and Jan’s Balancing on the Waves Retreat. Our goal was to have a day to practice self-care techniques with the intention of reducing our risk of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue in the workplace. The outline and delivery of this program met our needs perfectly. The intersecting styles and expertise of the facilitators were effective in adding various dimensions to the day. Our group particularly enjoyed the afternoon walk with a set intention, restorative yoga and meditative practice, as well as the opportunity to share our experiences in an intimate setting. The location selected for the retreat, among Wakefield’s serene nature, was the ideal environment for reflection and relaxation. Thank you Lynda and Jan for a wonderful day.

I was at the point, after 1 year, of thinking that I’d made a mistake moving into the Executive ranks.  This workshop has given me the strength/hope I needed to continue understanding 1) that many of us share the same struggles and 2) that change and progress is possible.

The yoga practice was wonderful; questions & reflection time were great; suggestions for the walk – this was a great exercise; I love how reflective the whole retreat experience was.

Lynda is a knowledgeable, engaging, and energetic workshop leader.

It matters when I value myself enough to take time for self-care. The benefits happen when I slow down, thank my body, and get centered.  Chaos can happen, and I can still find unity in, and through, myself.

The workshop activities helped in articulating those values which are important to me at this stage in my life & career.  The “Whole Person Paradigm” is an interesting and helpful approach to determining how to understand others, and to dealing effectively with them.

Useful, common sense “solutions” & approaches.  Lynda was an excellent facilitator.

Excellent session. Just what I needed. Thank you.

I wish that I could feel like this at the end of every week!! I feel relaxed & lighter that I have in a long while. I feel like I took care of me today.

This workshop was a useful use of my time, giving the opportunity to reflect and to bring to the fore approaches that are often intuitive, but about which we rarely think actively.

Lynda gave an inspiring presentation.

Great Workshop!  Pro Active questions helped to think about office issues in an entirely different frame of reference.

Wellness coachExcellent, thank you!

Wow! The power of Acceptance and Letting Go.  The exercise was very appreciated and helpful.

Very interesting session.  Lots of variety.  Lynda was well prepared. Thanks

Good session. The models were very valuable tools in my toolkit.  The series if 4 courses were phenomenal…time well spent in constructing and solidifying management fundamentals.

I really enjoyed the coaching approach to the session, which was totally unexpected for me.

These workshops have been time well spent!  Thanks.

This series of workshops was a well spend 4 half days.  The Series added tools to my management/leadership toolbox that has brought me new perspectives; some aha! moments; and the courage, confidence and conviction to apply what I have learned.  This Series will make a difference to you!

I was very impressed with the level of understanding and practical tools provided to manage/prioritize elements.

I was surprised to see how much a person can learn in a half day workshop.

I’ve enjoyed the sessions: developed huge awareness of the importance of effectively making the request.

Good materials provided, e.g., the practices and bibliography.

Well done – very much enjoyed this session. Developed insights and greater awareness.

Lynda presented good info and created lots of food for thought. I enjoyed session very much.

Health coach
This is one area I have been less clear and confident about. I found this session to be most beneficial. My confidence is now up there with many tools to work with.

Lynda is very interactive with the audience.  She related life experiences and makes you aware of some of the things that we did not know were available.

Very good points to consider; good materials and presenter.

Lynda is very knowledgeable of her topic.

This session was excellent, informative, engaging and it made me think.

Lynda is a good choice for facilitator; she has gone through the process of retirement.