August 2016 – More Benefits of Yoga

This month I have a couple of recent studies into the benefits of yoga: one on brain health and the other on PTSD.

A recent study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in May 2016 found that a combination of yoga and meditation was as effective as brain training at easing memory problems of older adults with mild memory challenges.  After 3 months of 1 hour a week of yoga, participants showed improved language memory, less depression, and better visual-special memory – this helps with recalling locations. You don’t have to be an older adult to benefit from a weekly yoga practice 🙂

You can find the full article on a recent study conducted on the effectiveness of a trauma-sensitive approach to yoga (in which I am trained) as an adjunct treatment for PTSD here:

The Science of Using Yoga to Heal from Trauma


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