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Since 2015 I’ve been posting Blogs on topics that relate to my work and my ongoing training and experience in the areas of personal and professional growth, as well as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.  Sometimes, I’ve found an article in my research that I thought was […]

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Compassion Project

The purpose of this practice is to increase the amount of compassion in the world, including self-compassion.  This practice can be done anywhere that people congregate.  It should be done on strangers and on people you may know, unobtrusively, from a distance.  Try to do all five steps on the […]

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Anxiety Reducing Practice

This is a common sensory awareness grounding exercise that many people find to be a helpful tool to reduce anxiety, increase presence and invoke a sense of calmness & self-control. You should feel more present, relaxed & empowered at the end of the exercise. Here you go! Pay attention to […]

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Come on, get Happy – March 2020

In these uncertain and anxiety provoking times of CODIV-19 when you may feel that your life is being controlled by factors outside of you, it can help to remember what happiness feels like. You may be sad or anxious now, and you have also known happiness. Our emotions always come […]

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The Truth About Handling Stress – June 2018

A few years ago I came across the article below from the Hearth and Stroke Foundation about the negative effects of stress on heart health. While it’s all true, and the article has some helpful tips, it doesn’t get at what I have learned is the only sustainable way to […]

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Experience Coaching – International Coaching Week

To celebrate International Coaching Week, I’m offering my 6 week Leadership & Life “Tune-up” package for everyone even if you are not a past client of mine. Go to the Leadership & Life Coaching page of my web site for more information about this and my other coaching packages. I […]

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How to say No with Grace – May 2018

Do you struggle to protect your boundaries and honour your values?  Do you find yourself saying yes when you really want to say no? I know I did until I found William Ury’s marvelous book “The Power of a Positive No”. The principles and process in this book have shaped […]

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April 2018 – Touching Freedom with iRest: more than mindfulness

iRest® (integrative restoration) is a research-based secular application of an ancient mindfulness practice that combines deep relaxation and resiliency training with meditative inquiry to address such issues as depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, sleep disturbances, and well-being.  The iRest protocol has been developed over the past forty years by Dr. […]

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April 26 – Sourcewaters “Finissage” art show

See Sourcewaters art show before it comes down. Some new smalls and cards will be available. Join Anne Wright, local artist working with beeswax and mixed media, for a dip into the source-waters of art and poetry. A number of water-themed paintings of various sizes will be on view and […]

Events and News, Yoga for veterans, First Responders, Care-givers & PTSD, Yoga, Meditation & Wellbeing

Coming March 14, 2018: New Trauma-sensitive Yoga Class

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be leading a new trauma-sensitive yoga class at Mountain Goat Yoga Studio, 3350 Fallowfield Rd. in Barrhaven. Join me every Wednesday at 1:30 – 2:30 from March 14 to June 20. All are welcome. Contact Mountain Goat Yoga Studio for registration details.  Ask […]