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April 26 – Sourcewaters “Finissage” art show

See Sourcewaters art show before it comes down. Some new smalls and cards will be available. Join Anne Wright, local artist working with beeswax and mixed media, for a dip into the source-waters of art and poetry. A number of water-themed paintings of various sizes will be on view and […]

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Welcome to my Blog

Since 2015 I’ve been posting Blogs on topics that relate to my work and my ongoing training and experience in the areas of personal and professional growth, as well as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.  Sometimes, I’ve found an article in my research that I thought was […]

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June 2017 – Let Go, Let Come

Here’s a gentle poem by me to shape your June.   Let go, let come. With the rhythm of your breath, heart beating softly like a drum.   Let go, let come. As day surrenders to the night, moon bows gently to the sun.   Let go, let come, let […]

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July 2016 – Thought for the month

I love my work and I am continually inspired by the thoughtfulness my clients put into their work with me whether it be coaching, yoga or meditation.  And to stay truly connected to what matters in my life, which includes everyone with whom I come in contact, I take the […]

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February 2016 – Resilience + Reach Online Summit

I’m honoured to one of the speakers on Resilience + Reach, a Global Online Summit that runs from Feb 25-29, 2016.Join me as well as 29 of my fellow Integral Master Coaches™ in tackling a variety of themes and topics around what it takes to dynamically respond to this world […]

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February 2016 – What do you need to let go of?

Two Buddhist monks return to their monastery after the rains. They reach a swollen river and in front of them is an extremely beautiful lady in a delicate silk kimono, distressed because she is unable to cross the river by herself. So, the older monk scoops her up, carries her […]

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January 2016 – Meditation for the year

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are.  When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” Lao Tzu Check back next month for a coaching practice to support you in this meditation.  Have a joyfully fulfilling 2016.

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December 2015 – Happy Holidays

According to the work of Adam Grant, we make four mistakes trying to be happy. 1) we compare too much. Constantly comparing our happiness to times past prevents us from enjoying the moment. During the holiday season this can be an even bigger trap to fall into if you find yourself comparing […]