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I want to create an inspiring vision for my life and/or work.
I want to have more energy to pursue what matters to me.
I want to create a life that has more of what I want.
I am ready to take action to achieve my desired goals.
I feel that opportunities are slipping through my fingers.
My current life/work is not fulfilling my dreams.
I want greater focus, clarity and sense of purpose.
I am willing to examine the patterns and behaviours that are holding me back.
My current way of doing things isn't working for me anymore.
I am willing to stretch the boundaries of my comfort zone to achieve what I want.
I want to work smarter not harder.
I am willing to make the commitment to myself and a coaching relationship.
I am ready to accept responsibility for my success.
I am ready to accept responsibility for my happiness.
I am willing to consider alternative ways to help awaken the potential within me.
I want to develop an action plan that will breathe life into my vision and achieve the results I seek.


Do you feel as though there is something missing from your life or work, but you don’t quite know what it is? Do you feel you could be more satisfied with your life or work but you don’t know how to achieve it?

This short quiz will assess your readiness to work with a coach

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