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Life Coaching Tune Up
Life Coaching Tune up

To celebrate International Coaching Week, I’m offering my 6 week Leadership & Life “Tune-up” package for everyone even if you are not a past client of mine. Go to the Leadership & Life Coaching page of my web site for more information about this and my other coaching packages.

I believe that you are complete and whole, even while the desire for change is present. My approach to Leadership & Life Coaching follows the principles of Integral Coaching® and includes all of your capabilities: intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. This integral, whole person approach is customized to each person and has concrete objectives against which progress can be measured. I help you become aware of your “current modus operandi” so that you can notice when it kicks into action. I also help you develop a “new normal” that includes the strengths of your current style and builds additional strengths to achieve the objectives you’re working toward. I use metaphors to capture your “current way” and your “new way”, as a short form for us to reference. You work with practices – new ways of doing things – that are just outside your comfort zone. These practices build new behaviours that eventually become part of your way and not something you have to remind yourself to do. This integral approach to Leadership & Life coaching is suitable for all kinds of issues from career and change management to relationship and communication skills.

Whether it’s to change careers, live with greater health, or enjoy inner peace, you deserve to thrive: to live a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life. I will take you from merely surviving to fully thriving. Together we build your resilience, and you learn new skills and strategies that move you from where you are now to where you want to be.  My integral approach to coaching unlocks your infinite potential by focusing on the effective management of your mental, emotional and physical energies. I work with you to offer new perspectives and actions that result in outcomes that deeply matter.

I am an Integral Master Coach™ and a Professional Certified Coach. I have been coaching individuals and groups from all walks of life on a wide range of work and life issues since 2003.  I’m also a registered mentor-coach for other coaches.

This is the third year I have been recognized as one of the Top 5 Life Coaches in Ottawa. You can find out more about this recognition at: www.crowdwellness.com

Contact me today for a complementary 30 minute phone consultation about your coaching tune-up.

Have a brilliant week.

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