February 2017 – Prisoner of Time?

Are you a prisoner of time? In the busy-ness of your life do you find that there is never enough time for everything you think you need to do, let alone time to simply be…no where to go…nothing to do? How would your life be different if you viewed time differently? How would your life be different if you viewed time as abundant instead of scarce?


The pendulum of time swings from two extremes of:

Time rules my ability to be happy, now. I am time-bound and aging. I am limited by time.


I am timeless presence, outside of past, present and future. I am eternal and whole.


When we forget our basic being, we believe that we need more time in order to feel whole. The solution is to inquire within: when am I when I am simply being? Then experience the basic feeling of being that reveals our timeless wholeness.


Whenever you are feeling a prisoner of time, I invite you to pause and silently affirm: I am timeless, even as the psychological need for time continues….and notice what arises.

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