July 2015 – Monthly Coaching Practice: My Mission

It can be easy enough to name personal and professional goals like, getting a praticular new position at work, loosing 5 pounds, learning to run or do yoga; however, it can be harder to identify the  underlying reasons you set these goals. Understanding WHY you want to achieve certain goals will motivate you to change your beheviour in a sustainable way and, thus, achieve the goals you desire.

Here are five key questions to ask yourself to help you identify the WHY about your life:

1. How would you like people to describe you (in terms of characteristics rather than accomplishments)

2. What legacy do you hope to leave?

3. What makes you feel the happiest or most fulfilled? (See April & May monthly coaching practices)?

4. Why do these things matter to you?

5. How do you define success?

Understanding the WHY about your life won’t change things automatically, but it will inspire you to take on the changes you need to make and sustain them over the long term.  Practice one new change every 90 days that is aligned with the WHY of your life until it becomes part of your way of being.  Re-visit these five questions once a year and see what is shifting for you.

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