May 2017 – Supporting Mental Health Week

May 1 represents the start of Canadian Mental Health Week. You’re welcome to be my guest at my trauma-sensitive yoga class for anxiety, depression and PTSD on Wednesday, May 3 at 10:00am at the Ottawa Anxiety Trauma Clinic at Billings Bridge Shopping Centre.


Mental health problems come in many forms. For those facing dementia, keeping blood pressure in check with a Mediterranean style diet, getting the recommended amount of daily physical activity, keeping good sleep habits and exercising your brain are all important.


Here are a couple of brain games that anyone can do any time. The more often you do them the more exercise your brain gets.


Animal name game:

Exercise your brain’s recall power by writing down as many types of animals you can think of in 1 minute. I got 20. How did you do?



To test your brain’s flexibility, try to make as many words as you can out of each of the words below. Can you find 20 words for each word below? Some words are harder than others!







These come from Cynthia Green’s “Brainpower Game Plan”. You can find lots more  brain games on the internet.

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