November 2016 – Appreciating Others

Each conversation is an opportunity to connect to the uniqueness of a human being.  The purpose of this practice is to connect with people throughout the day in an open and appreciative manner and to see what this experience is like for you.  The next time you’re in a conversation with someone, direct your attention fully to them and connect with them from your mind…from your heart…and from your body.  As you do so continue to ask yourself these questions:


  1. What is it that seems to deeply matter to this person? Connect to this from a place of truly honouring the fact that something does in fact deeply matter inside the heart and soul of this person.


  1. What is this person’s unique expression? What they say, how they say it, how they move, how they present themselves.


Keep connecting with this person from a place of non-judgemental awareness and notice how this changes your appreciation of them in the world.

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