October 2016 – Gratitude

In Canada we celebrate Thanks Giving in October, as this is when our harvest takes place.  While few of us may actually be involved in harvesting the crops of the summer, it is a lovely time of year to take stock of the things for which we are truly grateful.  One way to do this is to develop a simple daily habit of pausing to acknowledge and be grateful for 3 “blessings” in your day. This can be as simple as stopping to observe a beautiful sunset.

My invitation to you is to pause before you go to bed and reflect back on your day and recall 3 good, positive, joyful, happy, creative, pleasant….things that happened in your day.  If you like, you can write about these in a journal. Having a journal of daily “blessings” to reflect on can be a life saver on those days when you seem to be swimming against the current.


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