Success Stories

I am privileged to work with so many amazing people. Here are just a few of my many success stories!

I came to Lynda with a tangled set of barriers and frustrations in a range of areas including health and fitness, interpersonal relations and management style.  Lynda quickly came to understand what works for me, tailoring her approach to accommodate my needs, and capitalizing on my own motivations and learning style.  With Lynda’s help, I am developing greater self-awareness, have internalized some positive new strategies and behaviours, and am making significant, sustained changes in my fitness and my work life. Lynda’s approach is flexible, responsive, and practical, and underpinned with genuine respect and warmth.  Natalie Bull, Executive Director

Lynda opened my eyes, my heart and my mind to the possibilities of being fully me. Lynda’s coaching was timely and her success with me was grounded in her ability to listen and to synthesize what she heard in a way that shifted me out of a place of feeling stuck. She helped me see the path that was available to me and offered me a picture to help me move forward. I have moved, written a book, and taken several risks since I first met Lynda. The picture she offered me is something I continue to carry with me as a reminder to celebrate the journey that is my life. BP

When searching for a coach, Lynda came highly recommended to me, and now I know why!  I am an accountant, not used to thinking strategically.  Simply put, I love numbers.  I sought out Lynda’s expertise to help me in my quest to become an executive in the federal government.  If it wasn’t for Lynda, I would not have attained my goal.  Lynda literally taught me how to “think outside the box”, how to realize my potential.  I knew nothing of the requirements of the government executive staffing process.  With Lynda’s encouragement and support, I was able to understand and ultimately fully demonstrate the leadership skills, abilities, and behaviours expected of a Director.  Invaluable! Cynthia Cantlie, Director

Lynda is a fantastic coach and our work together has brought me a new lease on life. Lynda is a great listener and knows how to ask questions to help you examine your assumptions and the patterns in your life that are no longer serving you well. She helps you distil your life goals to its very essence, and then she designs tools, exercises, and practices that allow you to meet your goals. Not only does she do that with seemingly little effort, but your interactions with her and exercises will stay with you for years. If you are willing, Lynda will help you face your fears, learn from them, and be released. She is still MY coach and I still hear her words frequently, though we haven’t spoken for several years. Marc Lange, Director

Lynda, thank you for a very successful coaching program. I appreciated the systematic approach that you applied to my coaching topic. The exercises you had me practice and the concrete tools you provided have positively impacted my way of being, both at work and at home. I appreciated your experience and style of coaching as well as your ability to be flexible in different aspects of the coaching program. This flexibility allowed me to have greater success in the application of new tools and practices in the context of my reality. I’m happy to report that I have continued to practice the news skills that I acquired under your coaching. Through your coaching, I have made a sustainable shift in how I interact and react to the environment around me. I absolutely recommend your effective and empathetic coaching approach. Samantha, Director

I needed to renew my coaching credential and was in a place of resistance around doing so.  Lynda’s calm and supportive approach (to mentor-coaching) helped to move me past that resistance and allowed me to broaden my understanding of what was required.  Our time together led to new awareness and some significant changes in my own practice.  Lynda uses somatics masterfully in her practice and that experience has allowed me to include this to my practice with more confidence.  Working with Lynda was a true pleasure.  Lois MacNaughton, Integral Master Coach, ACC

I have been working with Lynda for the last two years.  As a cancer survivor with special needs, she is very supportive and curious, going to great lengths to develop a complete mind-body program (cardio/yoga/weight training) that is perfect for me.  Today, I am in better health than I have ever been:  I ran my first 10 kms last month and placed in the top 10% for my gender and age group; I have discovered the physical value and spiritual awakening that comes with the yoga; the weight program has left me stronger and a LOT more toned!  Friends ask me ‘isn’t a personal coach expensive?’  I say: ‘No – and it’s a lot cheaper than the gym membership you never use.’  All I need with Lynda’s program is a stability ball, some free weights, and running shoes. Lynda’s the best ‘investment’ I made for myself in years (and it is an investment – not an ‘expense’.)  NEB

Lynda is a skilled and caring coach with a passion for attending to the growth of individuals. More specifically, she has the particular training, experience and hands-on skills to guide you to a greater awareness of your physical body in all its unique, healthy and not-so-healthy aspects. In developing your commitment to strengthening your body so that it supports you in all that you are and wish to be, Lynda is able to open possibilities for you to make the important changes that you desire in your work and life. She is gentle yet firm, light-hearted and compassionate, skilled, knowledgeable and deeply committed to working with all of who you are – body, heart, mind and soul. As a fellow Integral Coach™, I readily recommend Lynda’s Body Coach diagnostic and program development services to my clients, confident that they will discover the potential and power of their bodies to truly support them in their lives. Mary Glen

I came to Lynda with the objective of getting in shape to do a sea-kayaking trip of 135km in Turkey for my 60th birthday. Although I am an active person, I do not regularly “work out”. I asked Lynda to prepare a home program for me with the only equipment being my yoga mat, exercise ball and a set of weights. She coached me in 10 private sessions and I followed her program for 3 months before my departure. Because of her, my sea-kayaking trip was a tremendous success. I felt totally fit and was able to complete the kayaking trip with no sore muscles! Lynda has a wide knowledge about fitness and with her coaching skills provides an environment where I felt confident I could achieve my objectives. Thank you, Lynda, for your gift for my 60th birthday. Patricia Deguise

This (Empowering Yoga) class has helped me to reduce my stress, tension and anxiety in a very therapeutic, challenging and enjoyable environment.  This type of class is a must for helping counter operational and post traumatic stress.  I was truly amazed at the change it has already instilled in me in a very short time.  Lynda is ahead of her time in this area and has a very good understanding of the wear and tear on the body from police and military work (physical and mental) as well as providing a very relaxing but challenging session.  I have never felt better after exercising.  Don

Last year I had the good fortune to be introduced to Lynda Pedley, just as I was toying with starting yoga.  Having had chronic back and joint issues, I knew yoga might be good for me, but was worried about having to do things that might aggravate the problem.  Not so with Lynda!  She has been fantastic; her approach is always gentle and understanding, and her classes are welcoming and comfortable.  Lynda helps and encourages us to adapt the postures to suit our particular needs, and her knowledge of body mechanics is very reassuring.  Thanks to Lynda, my body feels better and I’m hooked on yoga! Jennifer Radley

I suffer from fibromyalgia and can have periods of ongoing chronic pain.  Lynda introduced me to the iRest program and when I was going through a particularly painful period I decided to try to use the program to see if the technique could help reduce the pain.  I practiced every day with Richard Miller’s CD and I did start feeling better.  With daily practice I was able to keep the pain to a tolerable level with little or no medication.  I continue to practice regularly and have times when I am pain free. Roxana MacDonald.

Our team of Mental Health professionals attended Lynda and Jan’s Balancing on the Waves Retreat. Our goal was to have a day to practice self-care techniques with the intention of reducing our risk of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue in the workplace. The outline and delivery of this program met our needs perfectly. The intersecting styles and expertise of the facilitators were effective in adding various dimensions to the day. Our group particularly enjoyed the afternoon walk with a set intention, restorative yoga and meditative practice, as well as the opportunity to share our experiences in an intimate setting. The location selected for the retreat, among Wakefield’s serene nature, was the ideal environment for reflection and relaxation. Thank you Lynda and Jan for a wonderful day. Nathalie Hopkin

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