Workshops & Retreats

***All of my services & programs are available in-person and/or via phone & video in adherence with COVID-19 safety protocols***

Workshops and retreats are offered for first responders, helping professionals and care givers of all kinds – professional and non-professional. Workshops are a cost-effective, energizing and rejuvenating way to experience and learn in a supportive and interactive environment. Retreats answer a deep human need: the need to step away from daily concerns – to pause and breathe. Without rest, reflection and re-creation, we live in survival mode.

Workshops and retreats are offered throughout the year and can be specifically designed to meet the needs of your group or organization. Any topic related to individual resilience and well-being can form the basis for a workshop or retreat. Some examples of recent workshops and retreats include:

  • Yoga Therapy for your specific group/condition
  • Preventing burn-out, compassion fatigue and vicarious traumatization
  • Work/life balance and stress management
  • The healing Power of the mind/body connection
  • Whole-person self-care for helping professionals
  • Retirement and transition planning
  • Managing personal energy for professional success
  • Leading Peer Coaching Groups
  • Active living, nutrition and weight wellness
  • Mindfulness in everyday living
  • Taking a deep dive into iRest guided meditation
  • Balancing on the Waves retreat for helping professionals working with trauma. This retreat is offered twice a year. It can also be tailored for your team or organization.

CORPORATE YOGA & MINDFULNESS PROGRAMS are also available and will be customized to your unique needs.  These are a great way to value people, reduce stress, build resilience and improve inter-personal relationships and productivity.

Contact me for more information or to design your own workshop or retreat.

Here’s a micro-retreat just for you to take anywhere, anytime.
Ask yourself three magic questions:
"What's happening now? How does it feel in my body? Can my heart be at peace with it?"

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