iRest® Guided Meditation

iRest® (Integrative Restoration) is integrated into all of my classes. It is a profoundly transformative guided meditation practice that leads to lasting psychological, physical and spiritual healing by releasing long-held self-destructive patterns. While the iRest protocol was developed specifically for PTSD, it is applicable to anyone seeking relaxation, restoration and awakening.

iRest teaches skills you can use throughout your life so that you can experience a sense of mastery and ease when encountering difficult situations, a sense of joy that pervades your everyday life, and an interconnectedness with all of life.  iRest induces deep relaxation throughout the entire body-mind and teaches you time-tested tools to reduce stress, engage healing, resolve trauma and neutralize anxiety, fear, anger, depression, insomnia and chronic pain.

iRest is a non-religious, secular practice typically consisting of 10 to 40 minute sessions where groups or individuals are guided through sequences that cover:

  • Body sensitivity training, breath and energy awareness
  • Systematic desensitization to neutralize:
    • negative body sensations and stress
    • negative feelings and emotions
    • negative thoughts, beliefs, and memories
  • The experience of joy and well-being
  • Freedom from the feeling of separation and suffering
  • The ability to experience peace and equanimity during daily life

iRest is derived from the ancient meditation approach of Yoga Nidra: yoga = the realization of inherent interconnectedness with all of life + nidra = across all states of consciousness. It is also a trauma-informed practice that is sensitive to the unique needs of people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and trauma.

iRest can also be offered one-on-one as a conversation with your body. This can be done in person, or by phone or video conference. I will gently inquire into what is most present for you in each moment and give you lots of freedom to explore what is arising in your mental, emotional and physical “bodies”. We honour what is present and connect that with the sensations arising in your body. These sensations are messengers that have innate wisdom that is always available to us. Sometimes a resolution to long held issues presents itself and sometimes the resolution is no resolution at all.

I am a Certified iRest Teacher. I integrate iRest into my yoga classes. I offer in-person & video conference options for private iRest sessions, as well as classes, programs and workshops for groups of any size. I can also tailor an approach to meet your unique needs. For more information, please contact me. All enquiries are confidential.

iRest was developed by Richard Miller, PhD, author, psychologist and contemporary teacher of non-dualism whose teachings emphasize spiritual awakening and psychological integration. Richard developed the iRest protocol over many years of research with soldiers, veterans, students, children, the homeless, and people experiencing issues such as PTSD, substance abuse, sleep disorders and chronic pain. For more information, including scientific research studies supporting the use of iRest as an adjunct treatment for trauma, please go to


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